You’re Looking For A Heart Rate Monitor?


Due to the fitness craze that has hit the world, many people see this as the time to start exercise regimens and it’s therefore important to have a guide of whether they are really benefiting from the exercise or are just wasting their time. An easy and fast way to establish this is by using a heart rate monitor (HRM) which enables one to know just the right intensity to apply. There are many heart rate monitor models in the market and you should therefore determine what you want to accomplish prior to purchasing. Going through the best heart rate monitors reviews 2015 might be helpful for you in choosing a suitable heart rate monitor.

The two broad types of heart rate monitors are chest straps models and finger sensor ones. The former ones have basic models which just give you low and high heart rate but the advanced models allow you to use a foot pod on your shoelaces so as to track your speed, cadence as well as distance. It can also help you find and mark locations using GPS. Chest strap models as the name suggests are tied around the chest and hence offer measure the heart rate continuously and more accurately compared to the finger sensor where one has to stop and measure. Another advantage of the chest strap is you are able to use more options like barring of interference from wireless heart rate monitors among other things. For the finger sensor, you only need to touch a touch pad sensor to get the heart rate and its more simple, comfortable and cheaper compared to the chest strap.

A heart rate monitor can be used for different activities e.g. running, hiking, skiing, injury rehabilitation and interestingly for weight loss programmes so as to show nutritional deficit, dehydration, target attainment and endurance levels amongst other things. Advanced monitors can also be connected to your computer for further analyzing of your heart rate data, storage and to also download work out statistics. Having said that, Polar, Timex, and Garmin are some of the popular brands you should check out.

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