Thanks to the Rachael Ray cookware!


I already loved to cook, but now…. Now I’m just beside myself and overcome with joy every time I get in front of the stove. This is the very first cookware set I have ever purchased. All my previous cookware had been hand-me-downs or thrift store finds. This was a real treat. I had this set on my wishlist for over a year before I finally made the purchase. I had seen that the price had dropped significantly, and felt it was a sign. Boy am I glad I followed my gut! I have never cooked on such quality cookware! I never knew what “non-stick” really meant. My whole life had been a lie… Thankfully I am now on the right path. Thank you Rachael Ray!! Also – this color is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

This 12 piece cookware set is very attractive and well suited to my everyday needs. I was wary of the orange color, but upon receipt was very pleased to find that this particular shade is actually quite stylish, and not as brassy and vibrant as I had anticipated. All of the pans are lightweight and feature easy grip handles. The lids fit snugly. I like the clear lids and can attest to their shatter resistant claim, as I have already dropped them! The lid handles are also easy to grasp. These pans are coated with a nonstick surface that is very effective and easy to clean. I have not seen any chipping of color or wearing away of the nonstick surface after a week of constant use, and hope that this continues. This set is easy to store on shelves, or would look very stylish if you decide to hang them.

This collection is billed as a 12 piece set because it includes two utensils. These utensils failed to impress, as they appear cheap and offer no added value to the set. The spatula is awkward, and the spoon will join my collection of other utensils of this type that I usually get from the local dollar store. This is a fine set for my everyday needs. I am glad to have them, and fully expect them to maintain their stylish appearance and solid functionality for quite a while. I would not hesitate to purchase another set, especially for someone just setting up their own kitchen. Just don’t count on those two utensils. For the money, this is a good cookware set. It is not of the same caliber as my Calphalon One cookware, but it is also far less expensive. And, it is a lot better than some of the low end cookware I’ve used over the years.

The cookware is heavy enough to withstand the heat of everyday use; the glass lids are nice and fit well; the soft grip handles are very comfortable and one of the best attributes of the set. The enamel is is nice and well applied, it transfers heat well and evenly.

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