Less Impactful Exercise for Baby-boomers

A big part of my daily exercise regime was the running, and lots of it… up to 100 miles a week !
Depression set in when the leg injury decided the healing process was going to be much longer than expected,

I needed to workout in a way where the impact of running was not an issue, at the same time getting all the exercise benefits I previously thrived on.

Research got underway. Aerobics? Weight training? Pilates? … Yoga? So many alternatives,,. so many ways to continue to stay fit !

After talking to a friend who pointed me in a direction not previously considered, came across an interesting magazine. Inside was an article titled good home elliptical machines reviews.
workout on elliptical
It talked about how hard running was on knees then went on to explain the benefits of an elliptical machine. Former road warriors were moving towards this great workout alternative, in droves! Seems the aging population has had enough of ‘hard on the body’ routines that were wearing out their joints.

Given my age was creeping past the mid fifty mark, the hurting leg and a body aching for prolonged sweaty movement, the elliptical was the choice.

My first introduction was rather confused, trying to figure out this mechanism. Looked like a cross between a tread master, tread walker and a stationary bicycle with ski poles! Once set up though, in a room big enough to accommodate it, the learning curve was small to get to know how to use it.

Place feet on the roomy platforms and start to peddle away. The movement is an oval action with the feet always staying in place on the platforms.

There is a resistance button making the elliptical drag, therefore increasing the force to exert. I wanted to burn large amounts of calories, stretch my muscles, lessen the punishment of jogging while upping the heart rate. This cool machine does all that and more!

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