How a Heart Rate Monitor Improved My Workout Experience

Fitness is the key to maintaining a healthy life. Fitness involves exercises both light and vigorous. The vigorous exercises have greater results in terms of health benefits although pushing you way of the limit can do more damage than good. This is basically the reason why I found it necessary to get myself a heart rate monitor. I had to look for the best heart rate monitor to keep my health in check whenever am working out.

Heart rate monitors are used by runners, cyclists, those looking to lose weight, those rehabilitating from injury or simply joggers like me. I was this regular jogger looking for the best heart rate monitor in order to get the best results from my workout. My jogging exercises were to mainly burn fats and keep healthy.

A good heart rate monitor enables you to calculate the number of heartbeats per minute you can handle as far as your training is concerned in order to get the best out of it. It notifies you whenever you need to slow down or speed up the exercise in order to achieve the desired results of your workout.
I had to check first with my physician who then designed a workout program that I could work with. The program was compatible with my body. Then I checked out the different types in order to get the best heart rate monitor. I settled for a chest strap model. It consists of a wireless sensor placed on a chest strap. The sensor electronically determines your pulse and transmits the data to some form of a wristwatch that in turn displays your heart rate.

This was by far the best heart rate monitor I could get based on its level of accuracy. I no longer had to worry about either doing fewer workouts or overdoing it altogether. I simply had to set my target zone in the heart rate monitor and maintain my heart rate within the zone to get the best results of my workout.

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