Heart Rate Monitor, A Great Tool for a Healthy Life

So I had a sobering conversation with my physician. I have a family history of heart disease issues. I have always been vigilant with check ups and being active. My doctor explained that while I was active I was not hitting my target heart rate. She mentioned that new technology had produced many new heart rate monitors and there were many options.

Being a savvy shopper I began to look at each heart rate monitor watch review with my specific needs in mind. There are a few different kinds of heart rate monitors and many different brands. The two different kinds of heart rate monitors that I centered on were the watches (most included chest straps) and the ones that simply attached to your finger. The ones that attach to your finger are not easy to work with so after trying a few of those I eliminated them from my personal choice list. I found it too cumbersome.

For some of my workouts a chest strap would be more accurate, but I wouldn’t want to wear the chest strap when I was walking or moving through my daily activities. There are many different styles and accuracy differences when it comes to the heart rate monitor watches. There are some with a lot of information and some that are straight forward and simple. There is a lot of information available.
heart rate monitor
For my personal needs I choose a mid-range heart rate monitor watch with a chest strap included. I made sure it was listed as waterproof. I would not be swimming with it, but heaven forbid I fall in the water! I selected one that carried a 3 year warranty. I needed a large display so I could quickly see the numbers from a distance.

I would suggest if you are going to look for a monitor to get your wishlist prepared and then search only those that fit your criteria.

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