My 3rd and Best Espresso Machine

04 May, 06:43, by The Street Blogger

breville espresso machine

This is the 3rd espresso machine I’ve owned in my lifetime and definitely my best espresso machine. My previous machine was a Saeco Odea Giro fully automatic. I thoroughly enjoyed that machine until after 6 years, I started having issues with it. It would have cost me $150 to repair it, but I decided to splurge and get a new machine. I love the idea of pushing 3 buttons and bam, there’s an espresso in your cup. But the issue I had with the Saeco was the temperature of the espresso. Sometimes i’d have a nice and hot drink, other times it almost felt cold. My friends would sometimes comment too: “this espresso is a little cold.” Well I had no control over that.

The Breville consistently pours a hot espresso. Love the PID temperature control feature.
In fact, I like all the features of this machine. The water spout is useful even if you don’t use it to make drinks. I use it, per Breville’s recommendations, to heat up my portafilter and cup. I pour hot water into the cup and it’s REALLY hot, then dump it out and place it upside down on the cup warmer tray on top of the machine. It works great to keep the cup warm.

What matters most is the quality of the espresso. It’s perfect! On the Saeco fully automatic, the crema was good, but a tan color. On this Breville, the crema seems to have more texture and more of a golden tan color. When I finish the drink, there’s still some crema on the side of the cup. I didn’t have that with the Saeco. This produces a more pronounced crema. And i’m pulling single shots which is more difficult to produce a nice crema. If I were to pull double shots, i’d probably get a thicker layer. I am using the single wall portafilters. They’re not difficult to use, so I don’t think you’ll need to use the pressurized double wall filters which according to the experts produces a “fake” crema, whatever that means. I’m not an espresso snob and some of the negative reviews irked me. Some claim that this machine is a toy and can’t compare to some other machines. I’d like to see them in a taste test between a properly pulled espresso shot from this machine and a machine that they prefer. I highly doubt they could tell a difference. I’m Italian and go to Italy every summer to visit my relatives. I have an espresso or two everyday. I honestly cannot tell a difference between the espresso I have had in Italy and the one I have had in my kitchen with this machine.

Be patient! Don’t use the single shot filter baskets or the dual wall one. Stick to the double shot filter basket. After lots of research I learned that it’s easier and you’ll get more consistent results to make double shots. If pressure needle is the right spot (grey area) you’ll pretty much get a dang good shot.

Thanks to the Rachael Ray cookware!

19 April, 03:48, by The Street Blogger


I already loved to cook, but now…. Now I’m just beside myself and overcome with joy every time I get in front of the stove. This is the very first cookware set I have ever purchased. All my previous cookware had been hand-me-downs or thrift store finds. This was a real treat. I had this set on my wishlist for over a year before I finally made the purchase. I had seen that the price had dropped significantly, and felt it was a sign. Boy am I glad I followed my gut! I have never cooked on such quality cookware! I never knew what “non-stick” really meant. My whole life had been a lie… Thankfully I am now on the right path. Thank you Rachael Ray!! Also – this color is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

This 12 piece cookware set is very attractive and well suited to my everyday needs. I was wary of the orange color, but upon receipt was very pleased to find that this particular shade is actually quite stylish, and not as brassy and vibrant as I had anticipated. All of the pans are lightweight and feature easy grip handles. The lids fit snugly. I like the clear lids and can attest to their shatter resistant claim, as I have already dropped them! The lid handles are also easy to grasp. These pans are coated with a nonstick surface that is very effective and easy to clean. I have not seen any chipping of color or wearing away of the nonstick surface after a week of constant use, and hope that this continues. This set is easy to store on shelves, or would look very stylish if you decide to hang them.

This collection is billed as a 12 piece set because it includes two utensils. These utensils failed to impress, as they appear cheap and offer no added value to the set. The spatula is awkward, and the spoon will join my collection of other utensils of this type that I usually get from the local dollar store. This is a fine set for my everyday needs. I am glad to have them, and fully expect them to maintain their stylish appearance and solid functionality for quite a while. I would not hesitate to purchase another set, especially for someone just setting up their own kitchen. Just don’t count on those two utensils. For the money, this is a good cookware set. It is not of the same caliber as my Calphalon One cookware, but it is also far less expensive. And, it is a lot better than some of the low end cookware I’ve used over the years.

The cookware is heavy enough to withstand the heat of everyday use; the glass lids are nice and fit well; the soft grip handles are very comfortable and one of the best attributes of the set. The enamel is is nice and well applied, it transfers heat well and evenly.

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Buying Custom Knives for Cooking

26 February, 09:41, by The Street Blogger

Custom knives in general have a reputation for being more expensive than production knives; however, when you start looking at mid- to high-range kitchen knives, you will notice that the prices are largely similar to most custom offerings out there. There are exceptions, of course—you can pay over $3,000 for a custom sushi knife from some makers. But there are many competitive options available for the price-conscious buyer.

custom knives


When embarking on your custom knife journey, the first thing to consider is what knives you need. If you currently own a block of production knives, you probably have one or two that are used frequently, while the others are rarely if ever used. Those well-used knives are the ones you’re going to want to replace with customs—don’t bother buying a custom bread knife if you never slice bread. I found that I am pretty well set with a chef knife and a paring knife.

The other part of the use criteria is what you will use them for. If you cook a lot of fish and seafood, you will want a knife much more adept at slicing than if you cook a lot of poultry and red meat. Knives that excel at slicing tend to be narrower to reduce the amount of metal that has to pass through whatever you are cutting. Good examples are filet and boning knives, plus the Japanese yanagi, which is the most common style of knife used for sushi and sashimi.


Chef knives are generally classified by profile. A blade with a fairly straight edge, curving only slightly from the heel to the tip, is commonly referred to as a French profile. More commonly used is the German profile, which has greater curvature and can therefore be used for rocking motions when cutting. Another common profile is the santoku, with its downturned tip and gradual curve. The way a chef knife is profiled will determine how it is used, what it will excel at, and what it won’t do as well. For instance, a santoku will chop vegetables very well, but, due to the lack of a pointy tip and shallow curvature, it will perform comparatively poorly when deboning a chicken versus a French profile chef knife.

Types of Steel

Once you know what kind of knives you want, you will have to make the ever-important decision of stainless versus carbon steel. “Stainless” refers to steels with high chromium content, making them resistant to corrosion. In fact, “stainless” is a misnomer, as any steel can stain and rust without proper maintenance. Carbon steel, on the other hand, has very little, if any, chromium. It therefore stains very easily and will rapidly rust if neglected.

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Best Nonstick Pans that are Healthy

25 February, 07:15, by The Street Blogger

non stick cookware

If you tossed your nonstick pans after reading about the potentially carcinogenic properties of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), a chemical used to make the polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) that coats the surface of old-school nonstick cookware, we have good news: A generation of healthier nonstick pans with ceramic-based coatings has emerged for a wide range of cooking needs. We picked our favorite cookware from this crowded field based on ease of cleaning, versatility and quality of finished product.

BEST FOR OATMEAL | Zwilling J.A. Henckels Spirit 2-quart Nonstick Saucepan with Lid

$80 //

Plus: Oatmeal eaters understand the anguish of coming home at the end of a long day to find the remains of breakfast pasted onto the sides of the pan. This good-looking saucepan rinsed clean in seconds—even when covered with an inch of oatmeal crud.

Minus: We only wish we’d tried the four-quart version as well.

BEST FOR EGGS | Bialetti Aeternum Fabio Viviani Signature Ceramic 12-inch sauté Pan

Plus: This generously proportioned pan helped us turn out (and clean up) omelets with ease, and the stainless-steel handles never got too hot.

Minus: The white surface stained faster than our other favorites, and we wish we could have just tossed it in the dishwasher, but this one, alone of our winners, calls for hand-washing only.

BEST FOR FISH | GreenPan Paris 9½-inch Covered Sauté Pan

Plus: We kept returning to this pan for sautéing fish. It distributed the oil more evenly than others we tried, and everything from salmon steaks to trout fillets came out perfectly cooked time and again. The deep sides give it a big capacity and make it capable of accommodating sauces, too.

Minus: This one was a bit heavier than our other favorites.

BEST FOR STIR-FRIES | Cuisinart Green Gourmet 12-inch Everyday Pan with Medium Dome Cover

Plus: With its expansive surface, this pan resembles a shallow wok. We used it to cook rice and veggies with minimal oil—and minimal cleanup, too. While the pan was dishwasher-safe, we rarely had to go to the trouble since food remnants slid right off. The stainless steel lid came in handy, too.

Minus: We wouldn’t have minded if this pan were deeper still.

BLUE RIBBON | Scanpan Professional 12-inch Nonstick Fry Pan

Plus: We used this remarkably lightweight pan for stir-fries, scrambles, fish and eggs, always without mess. This all-purpose favorite has withstood heavy use, too, without chipping or degrading.

Minus: Unlike our other favorites, Scanpan still uses PTFE, thought the company has patented a way of making the compound without using PFOA in the process.

Introducing A Special Workout Machine

06 April, 07:34, by The Street Blogger

It is most probable that you have come across a machine that has handles as a well as a cardio section. Many call this machine an Elliptical bike or an Elliptical Exercise Machine. Some even refer to these machines as cross training machines. However, despite the name that you give it, it will serve the same purpose for you as everyone else. This equipment combines the movements of a stair climber, exercise bike, and treadmill in one machine. The cross training machine has several benefits such as providing a better overall level of fitness and reduced risk of getting injuries. Injuries especially in the joints are reduced since your limbs are in constant contact with the machine. As a result, the wear and tear on the joints experienced when jogging is reduced. However, there are many brands and models of this machine and that come with different technologies as well as prices. Choosing the best can therefore be challenging. The best home elliptical brands review 2015 comes in handy, as it will review the different cross training machines there are and point you in the right direction.

To start us of is the Sole E95. This is one of the best elliptical machines there is in the market that has a sturdy frame and an extremely smooth ride. It has an incline ramp that is auto-adjustable and to top it all off, it has an eddy current system of braking that is not only quiet but also very dependable. Many users of this model of machine have only good things to say about it.

Another machine that you could check out is such as the Precor EFX 5.33 machine. Buying the best cross training machine is only the first step to cross train. The other step should be researching on the exercise tips to optimize the machine.

The other top notch cross training machine that you consider is the Octane Fitness Q37ci. This solid, reliable, and smooth riding machine has top performance. If that is not all, it comes with in-built programs that target specific muscle that you would want enhanced.

Lastly and definitely not least is the Schwinn 430. A surprisingly quiet and stable machine comes with eddy current braking system that consists of 20 levels. For its price range, it has top quality performance and features.

Less Impactful Exercise for Baby-boomers

05 April, 04:36, by The Street Blogger

A big part of my daily exercise regime was the running, and lots of it… up to 100 miles a week !
Depression set in when the leg injury decided the healing process was going to be much longer than expected,

I needed to workout in a way where the impact of running was not an issue, at the same time getting all the exercise benefits I previously thrived on.

Research got underway. Aerobics? Weight training? Pilates? … Yoga? So many alternatives,,. so many ways to continue to stay fit !

After talking to a friend who pointed me in a direction not previously considered, came across an interesting magazine. Inside was an article titled good home elliptical machines reviews.
workout on elliptical
It talked about how hard running was on knees then went on to explain the benefits of an elliptical machine. Former road warriors were moving towards this great workout alternative, in droves! Seems the aging population has had enough of ‘hard on the body’ routines that were wearing out their joints.

Given my age was creeping past the mid fifty mark, the hurting leg and a body aching for prolonged sweaty movement, the elliptical was the choice.

My first introduction was rather confused, trying to figure out this mechanism. Looked like a cross between a tread master, tread walker and a stationary bicycle with ski poles! Once set up though, in a room big enough to accommodate it, the learning curve was small to get to know how to use it.

Place feet on the roomy platforms and start to peddle away. The movement is an oval action with the feet always staying in place on the platforms.

There is a resistance button making the elliptical drag, therefore increasing the force to exert. I wanted to burn large amounts of calories, stretch my muscles, lessen the punishment of jogging while upping the heart rate. This cool machine does all that and more!

Weight Loss With Elliptical

05 April, 04:36, by The Street Blogger

workoutOne of the things that I have had to struggle with in life is weight loss. I didn’t have weight loss problems as a teenager. It all started when I got my first baby and gained so many pounds. On the other hand, going to the gym wasn’t an option for me. I almost always never had enough time to drive to the gym, spend an hour or two and then return to my house on time to feed my baby. Not that I didn’t try; it just didn’t work for me. Nevertheless, I wasn’t going just to sit back and watch as I gained more and more pounds.

As I was consulting far and wide, I realized that working out at home was the best option for me. Apparently, aerobics wasn’t enough to help me lose the excess pounds. Running wasn’t working for me either because I didn’t want to go outside the house for a long time. Running meant spending more than thirty minutes outside my house. When you are a first-time mother, leaving your baby even for a few minutes brings a lot of discomfort and worries.

Luckily, I learned about the availability of the best home elliptical. My husband was so generous with cash and I ordered for the right one almost immediately. Since I was shopping an elliptical trainer for the first time, I had several challenges choosing the right elliptical. The best part is that there are so many of them to choose from. In that case, careful selection means that there is something for everybody. In the end I bought the Sole E35. I was so excited to try it out as soon as it reached my house. It has been eight months, and the excitement is still on. On the same note, I have managed to lose the extra pounds and nothing makes me happier. I am so overwhelmed by the achievement that I always advise fellow parents to try the same.

I have sufficient time to take care of my family and still work out. I want to look thirty when I am already fifty years of age. I don’t understand how viable this is, but I am sure my elliptical will help me maintain the right weight.

Heart Rate Monitors and Swimming Make Strange Bedfellows

03 April, 07:10, by The Street Blogger

It seems like there has been a boom in new heart rate monitors lately. Almost every week I see an ad for the “latest and greatest” monitor, all with GPS, pedometer, and a Swiss Army knife (Okay maybe that’s taking it a little too far but you get my meaning).

swimmingHere’s the thing, I’m a swimmer. I get in the pool not just for exercise, but to find a little peace in my hectic life. I needed a tracker that I could wear in the pool that’s not bulky and that is accurate. I’ve had issues getting a heart rate monitor to be accurate on dry land, finding heart rate monitors for swimming seemed unlikely to say the least. But I’ve had some luck! I went through two different versions; one with a chest strap and one that I wore on my wrist.

I preferred the one without the chest strap because I couldn’t help but be a little preoccupied with the pressure on my chest while focusing on my breathing when I was wearing the strap. Breathing is kind of important in the pool! I didn’t like the strap option, even though it seemed pretty accurate. At least as accurate as monitors I’ve used at the gym that require a chest strap. The other option was a simple wear-on-the wrist design. It was lightweight and I didn’t feel like I was distracted by it at all. Accuracy seemed a bit over inflated but most likely not by much.

So, for all of my fellow swimmers, I think the chest strap heart rate monitors are great, just not for me. I think I will stick with the wrist watch style option and just make sure to account for the overage when I’m tallying up the calories burned at the end of the day.
Happy swimming!

Heart Rate Monitor, A Great Tool for a Healthy Life

02 April, 07:02, by The Street Blogger

So I had a sobering conversation with my physician. I have a family history of heart disease issues. I have always been vigilant with check ups and being active. My doctor explained that while I was active I was not hitting my target heart rate. She mentioned that new technology had produced many new heart rate monitors and there were many options.

Being a savvy shopper I began to look at each heart rate monitor watch review with my specific needs in mind. There are a few different kinds of heart rate monitors and many different brands. The two different kinds of heart rate monitors that I centered on were the watches (most included chest straps) and the ones that simply attached to your finger. The ones that attach to your finger are not easy to work with so after trying a few of those I eliminated them from my personal choice list. I found it too cumbersome.

For some of my workouts a chest strap would be more accurate, but I wouldn’t want to wear the chest strap when I was walking or moving through my daily activities. There are many different styles and accuracy differences when it comes to the heart rate monitor watches. There are some with a lot of information and some that are straight forward and simple. There is a lot of information available.
heart rate monitor
For my personal needs I choose a mid-range heart rate monitor watch with a chest strap included. I made sure it was listed as waterproof. I would not be swimming with it, but heaven forbid I fall in the water! I selected one that carried a 3 year warranty. I needed a large display so I could quickly see the numbers from a distance.

I would suggest if you are going to look for a monitor to get your wishlist prepared and then search only those that fit your criteria.

How I Struggled To Find The Perfect Elliptical

31 March, 04:31, by The Street Blogger

On January 1, 2015, I found myself looking for an elliptical to use at home. Now, I know you’re thinking that I made a New Year’s resolution, but that’s not the case. I have owned a treadmill that I use daily for the past five years. I simply decided that I wanted to give an elliptical a shot because they offer various benefits for the body. Like most people, I started my search by sifting through elliptical reviews online.

ellipticalI found hundreds of reviews on dozens of different ellipticals, and that didn’t help my search a whole lot. In fact, this information seemed to make my search even more difficult. Certain reviewers touted one manufacturer of these machines, and others clamored for another. I was just looking for a reliable machine that would give me a great workout! At some point, I decided to switch things up and headed out.

After driving a few minutes from home, I found my local sporting goods store. The store featured a small selection of ellipticals, ranging from budget machines to more expensive behemoths. I felt more comfortable trying out these machines and getting a feel for how they worked. Obviously, I couldn’t test them with a mini-workout, but I could spend a few minutes with each machine. I looked at Lifecore LC-985VG and Proform 14-0-CE.

I visited a second store with different ellipticals before making a decision. I spent a few hundred dollars to purchase a basic elliptical machine with a few extra features. A little display tracks my heart rate, distance traveled, and a few other statistics. Currently, I spend about 30 minutes per day on my elliptical, and I have to say that I love this medium-sized machine!

The elliptical reviews might have confused me, but they helped me figure out what I should look for in an elliptical. From there, I had to head to a store to physically look at ellipticals. It made more sense to test these machines out before making a purchase. They’re not exactly cheap exercise machines after all. Regardless, I now love my elliptical, which I use at home every day.

You’re Looking For A Heart Rate Monitor?

27 February, 09:12, by The Street Blogger


Due to the fitness craze that has hit the world, many people see this as the time to start exercise regimens and it’s therefore important to have a guide of whether they are really benefiting from the exercise or are just wasting their time. An easy and fast way to establish this is by using a heart rate monitor (HRM) which enables one to know just the right intensity to apply. There are many heart rate monitor models in the market and you should therefore determine what you want to accomplish prior to purchasing. Going through the best heart rate monitors reviews 2015 might be helpful for you in choosing a suitable heart rate monitor.

The two broad types of heart rate monitors are chest straps models and finger sensor ones. The former ones have basic models which just give you low and high heart rate but the advanced models allow you to use a foot pod on your shoelaces so as to track your speed, cadence as well as distance. It can also help you find and mark locations using GPS. Chest strap models as the name suggests are tied around the chest and hence offer measure the heart rate continuously and more accurately compared to the finger sensor where one has to stop and measure. Another advantage of the chest strap is you are able to use more options like barring of interference from wireless heart rate monitors among other things. For the finger sensor, you only need to touch a touch pad sensor to get the heart rate and its more simple, comfortable and cheaper compared to the chest strap.

A heart rate monitor can be used for different activities e.g. running, hiking, skiing, injury rehabilitation and interestingly for weight loss programmes so as to show nutritional deficit, dehydration, target attainment and endurance levels amongst other things. Advanced monitors can also be connected to your computer for further analyzing of your heart rate data, storage and to also download work out statistics. Having said that, Polar, Timex, and Garmin are some of the popular brands you should check out.

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A Memorable Camping Experience

04 February, 09:07, by The Street Blogger

Are you planning for a hike and a camping experience for your whole family for the weekend? If you are, then you must be scratching your head in trying to decide which tent you will be using. The right tent may just seem like one of those easy items on your regular checklist for a family shopping.

That’s where you could go wrong, it’s not just another item to tick off your list, it’s one of those decisions that you should sit and think carefully before ticking it off your checklist. Maybe not as much of a decision as buying a home or a car, but nonetheless, a crucial decision if your weekend is to be fulfilling like you have ran it through your mind over and over.
My first time out camping was dreadful just to mention the least of my experience. I was too concerned with hitting the road to the camp site rather than getting my checklist right. The tent I picked was not totally waterproof and I spent most of my camping time trying to set up the tent right to avoid leakage since there was a slight rain storm. Not to mention I had picked a rather small tent for a group of five of my friends.

Therefore, if you are planning for a family camping day, take some time away from your day dreaming on how splendid the night will be and do some proper planning. The good news is that you can easily find cheap family tent brands for backpacking, and that will save you a lot of hustle in not only setting it up but allowing you and your family to enjoy your outdoor activities.

Some of the other tips that have made my subsequent backpacking and camping activities to be fulfilling and memorable has been establishing the number of people that will be using the tent, the environmental conditions of the site on which I will be setting up the tent and maybe the ease of setting up the tent. Camping is one of my favorite outdoor activities, but it takes proper planning to pull off a memorable experience.

Effective Flashlight for a Dark Night

29 October, 07:37, by The Street Blogger

flashlightChoosing the right flashlight can be challenging as there are so many different types of flashlights produced by different companies available on the market. However, Fenix flashlights have earned great reputation from consumers for they provide ready available light, require only easily available batteries, and are affordable.

There are different types of Fenix flashlights, such as Fenix E05 flashlight, Fenix E01 flashlight, and more. I have personally used the Fenix E0f flashlight and the best LED flashlight review will tell you this is the best light you will have ever used. It is very easy to use, light-weight, relatively small, and substantially bright.

It has some nice features, such as a metal body, a closed plastic protector to the bulb, super light-weight, and an easy to find AAA battery. The Fenix E05 light runs off of a single AAA battery which is easily available on the market. The light it has floods a larger area making it valuable for a keychain light. E05 is one of the best Fenix flashlights you should consider buying.

It lights up small rooms impressively. You can walk comfortably while using the Fenix E05 which is only slightly bigger than the AAA battery it runs off of. It is a perfect light providing ideal balance of brightness and runtime. It is affordable, costing you just under $20. It throws a floodlight style beam. The light is white and nice that I prefer much. You can walk watching clearly where you are walking.

If you are looking for an effective light that is super easy to use, requires a single AAA battery, and provide ready available light, consider buying Fenix E05 flashlight, one of the best Fenix flashlights I have ever used and can recommend to you. I hope this review helps you to make an informed decision when it comes to buying Fenix flashlights.

How a Heart Rate Monitor Improved My Workout Experience

02 April, 06:51, by The Street Blogger

Fitness is the key to maintaining a healthy life. Fitness involves exercises both light and vigorous. The vigorous exercises have greater results in terms of health benefits although pushing you way of the limit can do more damage than good. This is basically the reason why I found it necessary to get myself a heart rate monitor. I had to look for the best heart rate monitor to keep my health in check whenever am working out.

Heart rate monitors are used by runners, cyclists, those looking to lose weight, those rehabilitating from injury or simply joggers like me. I was this regular jogger looking for the best heart rate monitor in order to get the best results from my workout. My jogging exercises were to mainly burn fats and keep healthy.

A good heart rate monitor enables you to calculate the number of heartbeats per minute you can handle as far as your training is concerned in order to get the best out of it. It notifies you whenever you need to slow down or speed up the exercise in order to achieve the desired results of your workout.
I had to check first with my physician who then designed a workout program that I could work with. The program was compatible with my body. Then I checked out the different types in order to get the best heart rate monitor. I settled for a chest strap model. It consists of a wireless sensor placed on a chest strap. The sensor electronically determines your pulse and transmits the data to some form of a wristwatch that in turn displays your heart rate.

This was by far the best heart rate monitor I could get based on its level of accuracy. I no longer had to worry about either doing fewer workouts or overdoing it altogether. I simply had to set my target zone in the heart rate monitor and maintain my heart rate within the zone to get the best results of my workout.

Yoga Mat Reviews – Considerations In Buying

10 March, 09:42, by The Street Blogger

Your yoga mat should never distract you whenever you are peacefully meditating. The internet can guide you in getting your preferred types. Read the yoga mat reviews here from other customers who have used a variety of these products from different brands. Whether you are looking for a studio or home mat, you will have a broad selection that suits your personality and need. Looking online whenever you want to purchase gives you an opportunity to view a broad selection of colors, designs and sizes. Customers’ reviews are also important in helping you make an informed buying decision when it comes to quality.

A number of features exist in quality yoga mats which you should also consider. Such include comfort which can be checked by the amount of cushioning. For instance, a 3mm mat allows you to maintain good poses and proper body alignment. Good mats are nice textured. Texture should be non-slip for ideal traction needed in hands or feet stability. Latex mats are excellent and should be free of 6 harmful phthalates. Light weight is also an important feature to consider in purchase. Durability is an important feature that will save you from frequent purchases of yoga mats.

Checking online reviews gives you easy access to yoga workouts guide which you can freely download. There are as well top online retail stores that sell these mats from leading companies. Read the yoga mat reviews here to update yourself with new designs in market and also learn new yoga poses from the free downloads when you make a purchase. The care you give your mat will determine its longevity. Remember to read all instructions pertaining to cleaning or drying your mat. Most manufacturers will give these on their items. Making price comparisons from the internet will also help you save some money to buy related items used with the mat such as yoga mat wash or wipes.